boutique jeux video
  • Eye-tracking enabled wearable devices: United States Patent 9977960 (English Edition)
  • Eye-Tracking
  • An Eye-tracking Study of Equivalent Effect in Translation: The Reader Experience of Literary Style
  • Visuelle Analyse der Zusatzartikel im stationären Textileinzelhandel mit Hilfe der Methoden Eye-Tracking und Observation
  • Eyetracking-analyse Des Computergestuetzten Uebersetzungsprozesses
  • Eye-Tracking: A Guide for Applied Linguistics Research (English Edition)
  • Gli occhi del consumatore. Le scelte di acquisto analizzate con occhiali eye-tracking
  • Eyetracking Web Usability
  • Eye-Tracking Processes and Styles in Sight Translation (New Frontiers in Translation Studies) (English Edition)
  • Eyetracking web usability. Siti che catturano lo sguardo

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